Problem with FindActCtxSectionString in MFC security updates on all platforms

Martin Richter has written a blog entry on a serious issue that was introduced when the MFC security updates were released on April 12. The culprit is, again, FindActCtxSectionString, but in this case it actually affects ALL platforms. Please read the following blog entry:

BUG: Black Patchday for all OS from XP and later 3. – MFC 8.0 (VC-2005) or MFC 9.0 (VC-2008) linked dynamically to the MFC may not find the MFC language DLLs after installation of the security packs dated April 12th 2011

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4 Responses to Problem with FindActCtxSectionString in MFC security updates on all platforms

  1. Albert M Bartlett says:

    Please be patient with me I’m new to maintenance but not new to computers {started
    August 1963}. I have Norton Internet Security & SystemWorks on my system and around April
    12, I started getting the “FindActCtxSectionStringA” message at startup. I contacted Norton,
    but they kept giving me canned explanation, until “Maria Robinath” told me about the problem
    with KB2467175. I am unable do a LiveUpdate.

    I uninstall KB2467175 and created the folder WORKDIR in WINNT.

    I searched c:\winnt\winsxs and I only found 1 folder and 4 files under “4053”. I copied these
    to WORKDIR. I then searched c:\winnt\winsxs and found 5 folders and 20 files under “762s”.
    I didn’t copied these to WORKDIR.

    I searched c:\winnt\winsxs and didn’t find any folders or files, under “4148″ or “21022″.

    In copying the 1 folder and 4 files I encounter no errors.

    I restarted my system and the problem was still there. It appears a half dozen times during
    startup. Should I have copied the files and folders found under “762”?

    I am now looking at what “Martin Richter” has written.

  2. tedwvc says:

    Hi Albert, yes, in your case since you only have a limited number of files in 4053, then please copy the files in this order: all the files found under 762, then all the files found under 4053 (overwrite the files that you copied in 762 with the ones in 4053, even though they may only be a subset of the ones found with 762). This will give you the optimal blend of DLLs that you need to copy to your system32 folder.

  3. Chris Hughes says:

    Would I be right to assume the FindActCTXsectionStringA problem occurs with MFC 2005 programs run on Win 95/98/ME, as well as Win 2000? I find exactly the published symptoms with these older Windows systems, when running a version of my program built after 12 April. Versions of the program built before 12 April work fine. A bunch of users still run my programs on those old PCs! Any sign of a solution from Microsoft yet?

    • tedwvc says:

      Yes, that’s correct. Win9x/Me is affected as well. If you’re doing a static link, I’ve published a solution on how you can change your code to fix the missing function call and load it at runtime instead. For dynamic linking to the MFC DLLs as long as the new redist has not been installed your app should be ok.

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